Ideas that will let you bring out something new and innovative in the market, something that is not yet launched, something you can give your name to. Take ideas from our list and get the work started. Build an app that is both fresh and excellent and get ready to take on the market.


Here are ten fresh ideas to work on in 2020:

  • Mixed-Reality Apps: 

These apps would provide a mix of the virtual environment in the real environment. Imagine you need to show your boss how an empty room will look like after you have decorated it, would it be possible to do so?

I would say it would be. A mixed-reality app would use virtual images or design implementations in the real world through holograms. So you can straight away put your imagination at work until it becomes a reality.


  • Health checkup apps:

The app would keep a constant check on your health and provide you with dos and don’ts you will need to follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It could also give you some recipes prepared just for you, keeping your health in mind. For example, if you are a heart patient, recipes that require very minimum oil would be recommended. The app can partner up with your nearby grocery shops and get the required ingredients delivered to your doorstep.


  • Alerts on criminals app:

Suppose a runoff criminal is wandering in your locality; even if the news flashes his face for an hour it is difficult to remember it. Creating an app that would alert the people about the potential threat, and continuously keep you updated with information and images of the criminal, can not only be a fantastic app but could also save lives.


  • Carpooling app: 

I am not talking about carpooling a cab or your everyday transport. Suppose you have to go to a business meeting, but you’ll have to drive alone for 100 miles, it would cost you a lot. Through this app, one can put up the destination he’d be driving his car to, and people going the same way can join him and split up the cost. It would not be just cost-efficient but also fun.

  • Virtual shopping app:

There are many times when we want to shop but can’t take out time to actually go to the mall. Through a virtual shopping app, you can upload your picture, give your body measurements, and see if the cloth will fit you or not and how good it will look on you. When the choice is made, you can buy it and get it delivered to your place.


  • Illustrative restaurant table app:

Has it ever happened to you that you booked a restaurant table on call, and when you reach the place, the seating is not of your liking? Because it is pretty common. Through this app, you can see a graphical representation of the restaurant table setting, pick out your favourite  and simply book that particular table. This would make it easier for the restaurant to keep the table vacant when you arrive, and you will be able to enjoy your meal at your preferred spot. 


  • Expired Warranty App:

Forgetting when your insurance is going to expire or when you have to renew a policy is very common, sometimes you even have to pay up a penalty just because of your bad memory. That won’t be the case forever. The app could generate alerts based on the data you feed on when your warranty is getting expired. You just simply put the date you bought the product on and for how long it’s valid and let your app do the rest.


  • Finance Tracker app:

You might remember how much money you have given to someone, but when you go out for movies with your friends or on a trip and promise to split the cost, and somehow you lost track of the money each of you sent, and couldn’t figure out who owes what to the other person. It is when this app could come into play. Put in the data simultaneously while you spend the money, and it will keep track of it and give information about how much money one owes to the other and vice versa.


  • Fuel delivery app:

Imagine coming back from a long trip just hoping to reach home as quickly as possible, and running out of fuel, and the next fuel station is 20 miles far. Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions. This app would send an SOS message to the nearest fuel station, and a delivery guy would bring up fuel to you.


  • Food donation app:

Every day the tonnes of food are wasted just by regular people, and I am not even talking about the food industry. Building up an app that collaborates with restaurants and brings food that is no longer to their use and gives it to the needy and homeless is not just a great innovation but is people’s service too.

Idea generation is just the first step to success, while all these ideas are pretty appealing; it is a must to hire the right team of developers to turn these awesome ideas into innovations. If you now have the idea of what application you want to build, let us worry about how to make it. 


We Hestabit would build up the right application for you, keeping all your needs as our topmost priority. We guarantee client satisfaction and would love to see you grow.

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